The Izzo Maduro Toro - handrolled Maduro wrapped Toro cigar made in Tampa Bay. The Izzo is the first of the Sueno De Torres line, inspired by Dominick Izzo, the host of Rantz of Izzo.



Izzo pricing -

Single $9.95

5 Pack $48.75

10 Pack $94.50

To order The Izzo please Contact Us!

To find out more about Izzo and his podcast please visit www.izzo.us.

  • WARNING: Cigar smoking can cause cancers of the mouth and throat, even if you do not inhale.
  • WARNING: Cigar smoking can cause lung cancer and heart disease.
  • WARNING: Cigars are not a safe alternative to cigarettes.
  • WARNING: Tobacco smoke increases the risk of lung cancer and heart disease, even in nonsmokers.
  • WARNING: Cigar use while pregnant can harm you and your baby.; or SURGEON GENERAL WARNING: Tobacco Use Increases the Risk of Infertility, Stillbirth and Low Birth Weight.
  • WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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