Cigar Purchases ONLINE are NO BUENO

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Our Federal Government is hard at work creating new laws and restrictions that will change our very near future. Currently, in the House of Representatives, legislation is being passed that makes the sale of cigars online against the law. Depending on which legislation clears all the Congressional hurdles, it may only be cigars shorter than 5". It may only be fore cigars that are not "Premium" (cost less than $12.95). These new possible regulations prove one thing for sure, most of our congress people have absolutely no idea what they are doing.


Let me be fair. The overall goal of this legislation is to make sure than "minors" (anyone under the age of 22) is not able to purchase a cigar. most of the legislation is mixed with rules that would criminalize the sale of vapes and vape products online. I have no interest in selling cigars to children. I understand that a kid may not purchase a 13$ Churchill just to cut it down to make a blunt, and we know that's why they love those shorties.


Feel good legislation that steps in the way of personal accountability only hinders business.

That's my personal opinion.

Personal opining aside, we will continue to do business until the last straw has been drawn.


If you would like to purchase something from my personal PREMIUM humidor, feel free to contact me as we have been doing since the beginning of our business.


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